We help commercial cattle farmers measure and improve production

How to measure cattle production

By collating production data on many commercial cattle farms, and storing that in a central database, we can provide insight!  Insight to make better decisions, to improve your own cattle operation and compare your approach and plans against that of many other farmers.  Ultimately learning from each other and becoming better commercial cattle farmers.  There is no magic bullet in cattle farming, but by collating a completely independent measurement - production - one can certainly strive to greater success!

What is cattle production?

Production can also be described as output. Production efficiency is measured as output divided by input (a ratio). The objective of any production process or system is to improve and optimize this ratio. Any improvement in production efficiency must be with a vision of long term sustainability, else the production process will become obsolete.  In a complex production process or system, such as a cattle farm, a holistic approach is required that takes into account all aspects of the production process, most notably, nature!
John Foster Dulles
"The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year."
Dr Andre Mentz books

Join a dream that started in the 70's

Dr. AndrĂ© Mentz started a project in the 1970's on the Vaalharts Agricultural Research Station - to measure production per hectare and research the factors that influenced this measurement. He decided to become a commercial cattle farmer and ended up in Namibia in the early 80's - doing the very same thing: measuring and collating production data on his own farm year after year.  He wrote and published many books on his findings.  His philosophy, and decades of experience in commercial cattle farming, is the basis for this project and database.  

Why measure cattle production?

Why measure anything else?  The concept of measuring production (in general or per hectare) is common amongst many agricultural activities, such as maize and chicken farming.  To simplify this point further in regards to cattle farming, simply start with the end in mind.  What does the consumer buy?  A steak for example!  And he/she pays for it in weight (price per kg).  A commercial cattle farmer farms on a farm and sell's cattle typically to a slaughter house.  He get's paid in weight (and grade).  

By measuring the annual production, and repeating that year after year, he develops a over-arching measurement of his efficiency and can therefore make improvements on his farm to optimize his success!  A commercial cattle farm is thus nothing more than a factory with many factors influencing the production yield (efficiency).  Measuring the farm's output (over input) is thus the foundation of any farm's measurement.  And it is easy to do!

Who can benefit from this project?

Any extensive, commercial cattle farmer, regardless of:
How many cattle you farm with
How big your farm is
How advanced or experienced you are
What breed you farm with

What will you get?

Access to an online (cloud based) system where you can record the weights of your cattle. 
Reports and graphs of your own production data in a sensible and practical format as well as reports and graphs from all the other farmers in the database - showing comparative data and more insights
Videos and feedback of real farm visits - analyzing what they do, why the do it and what works
Regular newsletters with advice and case studies
An annual gift-pack to the value of approximately R1000


"Tell me how you will measure me and I will tell you how I will behave" 

Join this project and become an informed commercial cattle producer.